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  • Thursday, November 22, 2007
    Wishful Thinking
    Before I just dreamed of finishing my studies and be employed, so when I finished studying I applied, when I came on this building to pass my resume, I was amazed of the facilities and the people passing by, the way they look on the business or office attire so I said to myself I will be part of this company…this building, so I filled up an application, undergo many interviews and different exams…..a week or so of tiring applications Gotcha!! ! The company called me and said im IN, and I was part of one of those tallest building in Ortigas. Whew!!!...power of mind you know….and why im saying this…nothing….I just realized not all wishful thinking may happen as you want it to be, not all that you dreamed of may fall on the right place, well im not bitter whatever dream I have now that is not coming yet but im wishing that it would happen as early as it is…and I have many dreams, started to a simple up to the wildest dream a woman could ever have….name it I have it…why Im reminiscing and why I am saying this….its because I think just bored the way my life is doing now…..Im bored with everything and anything that I cant explain why…I kept on dreaming and praying that something would happen again the way happened before, and sometimes I was asking him….the one up there….why does good things came to a person I knew which I know this person deserve nothing, of all the things this person did in the past, how can this person had all the good things in life and why cant I, well….a question until now hanging in my mind….and I know I am not the only person who think this way…well…seriously….Im just dreaming of becoming the richest and the famous person in the whole wide world….(LOL) Im just sharing the funny side of me.....(CORNY!!!!!) more of me till next issue!!!!
    posted by Dolly @ 5:02 PM  
    • At November 28, 2007 at 5:58 PM, Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said…

      LOL! for a second there i thought this will be a dramatic post.. you're really funny.. well for starters let me quote Ambres in saying that one should face a day with a smile first, then dream (and dream BIG) and hold on to that dream and everything will fall into place..

    • At April 20, 2008 at 10:47 AM, Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said…

      Dooly Dolly! where are your updates? how are you lately?

      hmm.. in the meantime.. hope you drop by one of my blogger friends and take a look at this doll..

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